Amby Natures Nest White

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Amby Natures Nest  White

Amby Natures Nest White
The Natures Nest is one of a kind suitable from birth to 12mths, and is designed to give your baby a natural transition from the womb to the outside world by offering a snug tactile enviroment with its gentle vertical and bouncing motion that copies the movement felt within the womb. The benefits of the Natures Nest have been acknowledged by the thousands of Parents and Medical Professionals. The Natures Nest really can help to pacify and soothe babies suffering with reflux, experts will tell you that a semi upright position is an effective way of relieving the discomfort and reducing the symptoms of reflux, the Natures Nest keeps babies in this semi upright position whilst they sleep which makes a perfect sleeping environment for babies. The Natures Nest is tactile snug and secure which can sooth even the most irritable of babies, in effect they will cry less which is vital for a babies with reflux, as crying will aggravate reflux. The Natures Nest can also help to pacify and soothe babies suffering with colic, experts will tell you to rock your baby back and forth and gentlybounce him within a sling, this is precisely what the Natures Nest does with the gentle back and forth motion which can soothe even the most irritable baby, being suspended from a spring enables you to gently bounce baby which has a calming effect and can help to relieve trapped air bubbles from babies intestines easing his discomfort. The natures nest also helps to reduce the problem of flat head (plagiocephaly) as within the nest your baby will sleep slightly upright thus distributing babies head weight more evenly to the rest of the body. In the Natures Nest your baby will sleep soundly and awaken slowly and peacefully soothed by the gentle bouncing that is initiated by your babies own movements, helping baby feel safe and secure.

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